telzeal S10 PRO/45mm/super-amoled/new-edition



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1,700 EGP2,000 EGP

telzeal S10 PRO/45mm/super-amoled/new-edition


New from Telzl Company, we have the first people, thanks to God, the new is very strong

Super AMOLED screen with very high quality 45mm.

Compatible with Android and iPhone.
App notifications in correct and correct language.
Supports PDF files
Internal space - RAM 256 MB.
A private gallery for uploading pictures to the watch.
Supports 12-hour and 24-hour timing.
Always on display mode.
Convert voice talk to written talk.
Control taking pictures from the watch.
Supports artificial intelligence wallpapers.
Supports 3D wallpapers due to the high quality of the screen.
Control the phone screen through the watch, Dynamic Island feature.
380 mAh battery.
Password - Alarm - Calculator - Weather monitoring.
Chat GPT - Compass - Water expulsion mode - GPS.
Music player - Record a voice recording on it.
Download songs and audio clips to the watch.
Bluetooth list to control its operation to preserve the battery.
Sports modes suitable for all types of sports and gym.
Connect the watch directly to the AirPods..
Put a personal background on the watch face.
New Apple Watch ultra 2 wallpapers.
It also supports many medical measurements such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc.
3 straps 2 silicone and 1 cloth
WearFit Pro program.