Hello9pro+ ( 4GB Rom ) amoled black



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Hello9pro+ ( 4GB Rom ) amoled black

Model. : hello 9 pro+ (update from hello 3 pro+)

1- Number 3, always on display mode, same background as on the watch, numbers, hand, luminous screen until the end, same as the original.
2- Supports calling and receiving calls
3- It supports displaying the caller’s name when calling, even if there are 10,000 names on the mobile phone. It also supports recording very many names in the same hour.
4- It supports displaying notifications of most social media programs in a correct and correct language

6- It is supported by screws and iron locks with a higher quality than most other watches.
Actual size 49 and accepts all original Apple accessories
7- It supports audio clips and has internal memory. It can also add other audio clips to the watch
8- It supports RECORD recording directly on the watch
9- It supports following many sports and gym activities
10- Supports the compass, weather monitoring, and calculator
11- Supports music control

13- It has the highest battery compared to all models shown before
14- Supports chat gpt
15- Supports many games
16- It supports many wallpapers, including the new Apple wallpapers.
It also does not support setting a personal photo as a background
17- Siri supports iPhone mobiles, and Google Assist supports Android mobiles
18- Supports calendar
19- Supports password
20 hours supports photography
22- Supports alarm clock
23- It supports stop watc
25- Supports app market
26- Supports the emergency number
27- Supports volume control and do not disturb mode
28- It supports the movement sensor so that the watch lights up when the hand is raised
29- It supports power saving mode to allow the watch to be used for more days
31- It supports 5 formats for internal menus
There is one flaw in this watch, which is that it does not support adding a personal photo for a certain period until there is an update to it

Battery Capacity: 450 mAh
Normal usage: 2-3 days