JS Hello13 pro + Smart Watch


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JS Hello13 pro + Smart Watch

JS Hello13 pro + Smart Watch


H13 Pro Plus Smart Watch 1.95 Inch 1GB ROM OS 10 Men Smartwatch 45mm Wireless Charging Bluetooth Call Local Music Photo Album

New UI OS10

1: 1GB Local Music TFT Larger Screen 1.95 inch

2: Cellular interface Can delete the watch itself app, and restore the watch itself app ,cant support others app.

3: Watch Color Restore 95% Support case

4: The system is more smoother

5:Support screen off recording, recording files exported on mobile phones;

6: Support downloading e-books and watches for reading;

7: 1GB ROM / Sync photos

8: CPU JL7012A6S

Language :

Chinese Traditional , Russian ,English, Portuguese, , Turkish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese,

Fuction :

1:1GB storage memory (Store novels, recordings, music)
2:Connect a Bluetooth headset

3:A Bluetooth connection to the phone

4:2 compass modes

5:Gravity sensing

6:Message red dot

7:Download the game and with built-in music

8:Insensible knob key

9:Unlimited contacts Call

10: TFT bigger screen 1.95inch

11: Dual-core processor

12 : 3 green light sensors

13: NFC

BT version : 5.20

Compatible systems : Android 5.0 (above), for IOS10.0 (inclusive) and above

Battery Capacity : 320mAh

Titanium alloy

Charging way : Wireless charging

Life time : Use 2-7 days

APP : QiFit

Size : 45mm


black, Silver

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